November 4, 2022

Heart of the Home: The Rosette Corner Block

Don M. holding a rosette corner block in front of his van.

Heart of the Home: The Rosette Corner Block

Wichita Habitat for Humanity houses hold more than just walls and a roof. They hold the spirit of a community, built with the dedication of volunteers like Don. Don, a remarkable centenarian, crafts hundreds of rosette corner blocks each year in his workshop. These elegant details aren’t just decorative; they’re a signature of Habitat homes.

But the story doesn’t end with Don’s meticulous work. Recently, Mead Middle School students have joined the Habitat family. While too young to swing a hammer on the build site, they contribute in a heartwarming way. They write messages of encouragement on the back of the corner blocks, leaving a little piece of themselves in each home.

The fun doesn’t stop there! The students then transform the blocks with vibrant paint, adding a touch of youthful energy.

Finally, with the home nearing completion, volunteers install the rosettes, completing the transformation. These seemingly simple blocks become a symbol of collaboration, each one carrying the stories of Don, the students, and countless other volunteers.

The finished home, adorned with these special corner blocks isn’t just a house – it’s a testament to the power of community. It’s a place where families can build a brighter future, surrounded by the love and support of those who helped make it possible.

Thank you, Don, the Mead Middle School students, and all the volunteers who make these homes a reality!

This story has been condensed and re-written for brevity while retaining the essence of the original.