June 24, 2024

Wichita Habitat for Humanity Shines Bright with Diamond Award!

Members of Wichita Habitat team holding the Diamond Award.

Wichita Habitat for Humanity Shines Bright with Diamond Award!

Wichita Habitat for Humanity beamed with pride on Saturday, June 22 after receiving the prestigious Diamond Award by I Am A Diamond, Inc. This recognition celebrates the organization’s unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment, particularly for women in the Wichita community.

“We are incredibly grateful for this recognition,” said Wichita Habitat’s executive director Danielle Johnson. “Their support fuels our mission to build strength, stability, and self-reliance within our community. This award is a testament to our work in providing affordable housing solutions and empowering countless families, especially women in Sedgwick County, to achieve their dreams of homeownership.”

I Am A Diamond, Inc. echoed Wichita Habitat for Humanity’s mission, commending their unwavering focus on empowering individuals in their programs and services. Their praise emphasized how Wichita Habitat’s fosters a culture of self-worth, ultimately inspiring individuals, particularly women, to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams of homeownership.

The Diamond Award also shines a spotlight on Katharine Franco, Wichita Habitat’s homeowner services manager. Katharine plays an instrumental role in preparing future homebuyers for the journey to homeownership. Her dedication shines through as she meticulously reviews applications, conducts workshops, shares valuable resources, and offers unwavering support, guiding families every step of the way, all the way to the momentous home dedication ceremony.

Homeowner services manager Katharine smiling with family partner Shauntae.
Katharine smiling with family partner Shauntae at a wall raising celebration.

“Working with our families and homeowners is incredibly rewarding,” shared Katharine. “Witnessing their amazing growth and responsibility firsthand, their resilience and determination – this is what Habitat is all about. Bringing people together to build not just homes, but communities and hope. I am humbled to be part of such a wonderful organization.”

Wichita Habitat for Humanity remains a beacon of hope, providing not just affordable housing solutions but also the tools and support needed to achieve long-term success. The organization’s commitment to empowering all individuals paves the way for a stronger, more vibrant Wichita.