Rock The Block - 119 adults & 222 children now living in affordable Habitat homes in Rock the Block 214!


In order to best serve families and the growing need for safe and affordable housing, we launched Rock the Block in 2014, focusing on infill development in the A. Price Woodard Neighborhood. We're building on vacant lots and removing unsafe, blighted properties.
The goal:
To create large areas of sustainable change as we work to ensure everyone has a decent place to call home.
What's new? Rock the Block REFRESH!
This summer we're excited to continue to "ROCK" more blocks as we move beyond the initiative's initial boundaries. In essence, anytime we build a safe, affordable Habitat home in a neighborhood, we "Rock That Block" as we build a home, community and hope. Our brighter, bolder logo is all about that!
Rocking the 214 right now
We're building homes in the 67214 zip code in District 1 and we look forward to moving beyond with our infill efforts!


This infill initiative is possible because of numerous, generous partnerships with local non-profits, private and public investors as well as the City of Wichita and the A. Price Woodard Neighborhood Association. Our goal is that quality housing will be the anchor of a broader transformation.

The impacts are huge:

  • More than 10 blighted properties removed.
  • $126,110 - Total property taxes paid by Wichita Habitat homeowners (2014-2018) in Rock the Block.
  • New, three-bedroom Habitat home appraised for $76,000 in 2014. Homes estimated to appraise for $84,000 in 2019, an increase of about 10.5 percent.
  • $2.4 million in private funds invested in the neighborhood.

Creating community engagement through volunteer opportunities:

  • More than 97,110 volunteer hours since 2014
  • Value of volunteer hours estimated at $2,153,134

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