You’ve got to be limber to be a roofer!

Lorrie Beck, a longtime Wichita Habitat for Humanity volunteer who participated in the Carter Work Project in Indiana, shares her latest report on this project in which 22 homes will be built by volunteers and the hard working families who will purchase them:

More roof work! We put down a strip of ice and water shield and then tacked Tiger Paw paper all the way up the roof. You can see in the pictures that we struck some interesting poses:  I think I look like I’m in a frog pose, top left,  and Mariel, a volunteer from Los Angeles, right, looks like she’s doing the “funky chicken” – she’s actually just reaching for nails 🙂

We had just finished one row when the skies opened up and rain poured down for 20 minutes. The shingling was done by mid-afternoon, and they began siding on the house!

Here’s  on the build from Habitat for Humanity International.