Women Build: It’s a Team Effort!

Desiree wants her son to grow up in a safe, affordable home that is their own. That’s why she’s working hard, earning her sweat equity hours and completing financial literacy classes to help her become a Habitat homeowner.

“The fact that I know my son will have this home to always come back to when he is grown and has kids of his own warms my heart,” she said. “He’ll have a neighborhood to grow up in. A community where he will be known. That gives me a sense of reassurance that he will be OK and safe. For that I’m grateful.”

Desiree is so thankful for everyone who is partnering with her as she works to become a homeowner. “I really appreciate the support and love I’ve been getting along this new journey,” Desiree said. “It has made it a lot easier for me to stay determined and not give up on this goal to accomplish my dream.”

In the photo above, Desiree, at left, is pictured with two people who are part of her journey to homeownership. Katharine Franco, Wichita Habitat’s home services manager, and Lorrie Beck, who will volunteer with her as she builds her home this summer.

Lorrie Beck is a long-time Habitat volunteer here in Wichita – and around the United States. She’s one of the many volunteers who will build alongside Desiree this summer. “I love the camaraderie and fellowship that develops on-site,” Lorrie said.  “It’s women helping women accomplish tasks that they may not be familiar with.”

Special friendships are built on the job site, especially when volunteers work alongside the homeowner and get to know each other better. Lorrie is a familiar face at our Women Build dedication ceremonies when the families receive the keys to their homes. Lorrie said these events give her goosebumps! “You feel a sense of joy and excitement for the woman and her family,” Lorrie said. “You’re proud of her for what she’s accomplished, and you have a sense of pride in yourself, knowing you’ve helped this new homeowner achieve her dream of building a house that she and her family can call home!

Join us for this year’s Women Build! It begins July 17. You can register at
https://wichitahabitat.org/volunteer/individual/ You also can get a group together and come build. Sign up groups here