When they build their homes, they build a community, too


Neighbors. Friends. Babysitters. Carpoolers. These are just some of the words Adriana and Erica use to describe their relationship. These moms and their families are just two of the Wichita Habitat for Humanity homeowners who are part of a close-knit community that has formed in our Rock the Block neighborhood. These families helped build each others’ Habitat homes alongside volunteers. It was hard work, often in the extreme summer heat or in freezing winter temps, but close friendships formed as they earned their sweat equity hours. “We became like family,” Adriana recalls. Before Adriana and her husband built and purchased their home five years ago, they rented a house near an apartment complex. “We knew some neighbors, but not many,” she recalls. “There was a lot of turnover.” Today, she is grateful to have the opportunity to raise her children in a community that values connections.  The connections include keeping an eye on each others’ homes, providing a meal when someone has a new baby or is experiencing a hard time and just hanging out.  On a recent evening, Adriana and her daughter were in their front yard when Erica and her kids came home. Their daughters ran to meet each other and play together before dinner. This enduring community is what you help create when you volunteer and donate with us! Thank you!