Volunteers head home with new skills!

By Kathy Lefler/Communications and Marketing Manager

People who volunteer on our construction sites often gain skills to use on their own home improvement projects. That’s what Jace and Solomon, two students from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School discovered.

“I learned how to hang drywall and I did some painting when I volunteered last year,” Jace said. “And, conveniently I was painting my house so Dana (Korkki, Wichita Habitat’s general contractor) helped me figure out faster ways to paint my house and it helped me a lot.”

Solomon discovered the same thing when he served last year with Jace for a few days. “I definitely learned a lot and it helps me now when I do projects at home, ” he said.

Jace was glad to volunteer this week. “I learned quite a bit and had some fun so when I saw I could do this again this year I decided to come back,” he said.

Dana said he recognized the young men right way when they came out to volunteer with us this week. Dana remembered how hard they worked, their positive attitudes and how much they learned. He was glad to see them volunteering again. While we now are welcoming community volunteers back to our construction sites, we are taking necessary health precautions, including requiring masks and limiting how many people can volunteer on any given day.

Jace and Solomon invited their friend Olivia to volunteer with them this year. “This is my first time,” Olivia said. “They asked me to come to do it with them because I’m a great help. It’s fun to learn new things. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

However, while the three value learning new skills and are enjoying their time hanging drywall and installing siding, they also feel called to make a difference in their community through their service. “It’s nice to know this helps families,” Solomon said.

“It’s awesome how we’re doing this for all the families and it makes me feel really good about myself and I’m sure they do, too,” Olivia said.