Volunteer Knows First-Hand How Habitat Homes Change Lives

By Kathy Lefler/Marketing and Communications Manager

Devin Guliford, a volunteer with the team from Textron Aviation, knows from experience how a Wichita Habitat for Humanity home creates a brighter future for a family.

That’s because Devin had the opportunity to grow up in a Wichita Habitat home. Devin, now 28, was only five when his parents built and purchased their Habitat home in west Wichita. The family moved from a small apartment to a Habitat home where Devin had his own bedroom and a backyard. Devin recently was volunteering in our Rock the Block neighborhood with his co-workers on the Wichita Habitat home sponsored by Textron.

A community of lifelong friendships created

Growing up in a stable, affordable home also provided Devin and his family with a community to support them. “It was a really good community experience,” he said of the cul de sac that featured four Habitat homes. “We all were close. We grew up together.” The four families were not only neighbors but they had helped build each other’s’ homes as they earned their required sweat equity.

“These are lifelong friendships and we keep in touch,” Devin said. “We would do anything for each other.”

Devin is a homeowner today – “It’s a cornerstone.”

Devin, who has worked at Textron for six years, and his wife, are homeowners. He’s a technical services manager. He graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in economics. They are the parents of two children. Their third child will be born soon.

People considering homeownership through Habitat should apply, Devin said.  “I think if you own a home you can grow generational wealth,” he said. “It’s a cornerstone. A home has value and it offers stability. Most other things don’t appreciate like a home. Homes will appreciate 9 times outs of 10.”

Learn about our affordable homeownership program here.

Donations to Wichita Habitat build a future!

Devin appreciates those who donated to make his family’s dream of homeownership come true. He sees incredible value in donations to Habitat’s housing work. “A home gives people stability,” he said. “A home is something to look forward to, to go home to. It’s a future. You are building a future. “

If you’d like to donate, you can donate here or text buildict to 76278.