“This is why God gave us two hands”

By Kathy Lefler/Communications and Marketing Manager

Volunteering is more than hammering nails and sawing two-by-fours for the team from Kapaun-Mt. Carmel High School. “This is a tangible way for us to spread God’s love,” said Veronica Hill, executive advancement associate for Kapaun-Mt. Carmel Catholic High School. Hill was joined by staff and students from the high school at the Apostle Build which is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Wichita. The team from Kapaun-Mt. Carmel is one of many teams from the diocese that will work alongside Wausomba and Monewa, helping them build a safe, affordable home for their family. “It’s a blessing and a gift to serve,” Hill said. “God gave us two hands and this is a way to use them.”

Kapaun students Andrew Hutchins and Thomas Elliott echoed Hill’s conviction to serve. It was Andrew’s first time volunteering with Wichita Habitat. “I want to make a difference and so I love this.” Andrew wants to be an engineer and has done foundation and plumbing work at his family’s house. “I feel right at home here,” he added. Thomas also is a first-time volunteer who values being able to serve. “It’s a great experience and I’ve learned a lot,” he said.

Father Curtis Hecker, school chaplain, said serving on the Apostle Build is an opportunity to model what service to others looks like. While this was his first time volunteering with Wichita Habitat, he hopes to come back with the students again.

The family who will purchase this home in the Fall fled the violent civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In his application to Wichita Habitat, Wausomba wrote, “We know God has a plan for our life and we have been praying for a new home.” While the family has felt blessed to have their current rental home, it is way too small for the family of 10. Their new Habitat home sponsored and built by the Diocese means that the children will have a yard where they can play and rooms where they can study and do well in school. They also know this home – built alongside volunteers who are answering the Lord’s call to become His disciples – will provide them with stability and independence.