Thankful for community support for our work

By LaDeana Steffen/Construction Logistics Assistant

It takes a village to help us build homes, communities and hope!

I experienced the support of some wonderful people in our community last week when we needed to clear trees from a vacant lot in preparation to build a home alongside a hardworking family. I have to say that it continually amazes me how gracious people are. 

First, Ryan Lawn & Tree employees volunteered their time on a Saturday to remove the trees from an upcoming construction site. This was a huge gift to Wichita Habitat for Humanity and we are so grateful for their generosity.  But, before they could get on the lot to get to work, we had to find someone to remove some large dirt piles that were in the way.  Two days before the team from Ryan was coming out I was frantically looking for someone who could do the dirt removal job for us.  I called Brian Larez, with Innovative Concrete, and asked if he knew anyone who could move dirt in the next two days.  He said he was glad to do this for us, even on such a short time frame. Like Ryan, he volunteered to do this work for us.

I have recently joined the staff at Wichita Habitat for Humanity and am awed by these kind deeds. They are making an impact in the Rock the Block neighborhood where we have built 43 safe, affordable homes since 2014. They truly help us build homes, communities and hope! It is exciting to know that another hardworking family will join this community.