“Sweet” day of construction

By Lorrie Beck/Wichita Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

“Hump Day” at the Carter Work Project in Nashville was a grand success despite our limited number of volunteers on site today. There are about nine or 10 of us assigned to House #3 all week, not counting Eno and our two House Leaders, Dave and Vic. Additional volunteers come from the Nashville area and represent area businesses, banks and organizations that support Habitat for Humanity. 

Today we had Eno’s landlady, Revida, onsite to help build Eno’s house. Revida knows she will soon be losing a good tenant; however,  she is well aware that Eno is going to continue  to do great things for the community once she becomes a homeowner. 

Trusses, with our carefully constructed fly rafters on the gable ends, were installed!

A crew of five put up Tyvek and got that project finished so we could begin installing windows. By day’s end, four windows were in and the guys began working on the roof decking. 

Habitat for Humanity’s CEO, Jonathan Reckford, has written a book entitled, “Our Better Angels,” which went on sale today. Jonathan will sign copies of the book on Friday following lunch. I have my copy ready for the autograph!

We heard rumors of the location of the 2020 Carter Work Project, but I will keep it secret until the official announcement at Friday’s closing ceremony. Stay tuned!

Here’s a perk: the Women’s bathroom, which is a portable trailer, has a mock fireplace built under the sink! I don’t believe our homeowners will receive such an amenity in their bathrooms!

Hunters Lane High School’s marching band – known as the “Human Boombox” – escorted us off the site to the buses where future Habitat homeowners handed out a Goo Goo Cluster candy to every volunteer. Goo Goo Clusters are an original Southern Confection – made in Nashville since 1912. Providing I’m out of my sugar coma come morning, I’ll write more tomorrow!