Sun shines on Carter Work Project

By Lorrie Beck/Wichita Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

A sunny day was a delight to behold following “Muddy Monday!”

My friend Kathy and I worked with Eno, our homeowner, to construct fly rafters. Kathy and I have volunteered on 12 Carter Work Projects together. We taught Eno how to use a miter/ “chop” saw during our fly rafter adventure. She was excited to learn a new skill … something to add to her Habitat for Humanity resume!

Rookies from the Tennessee Titans football team made an appearance on site, not only posing for a picture with Eno and our House Leader, Dave, but they also served us lunch!

Due to some issues on the inside of the house, we weren’t able to install the first rafter until after 2 p.m. With a dwindling work crew, we welcomed volunteers from next door to help us get six rafters placed before the Pearl-Cohn Magnet School marching band musically escorted us to the buses. 

Because we’re in Nashville – the Music City and home of the Grand Ole  Opry – we have musical performances every morning and at lunch. I guess it’s like we’d have mini-airplanes on each table if we hosted a Carter build.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow … bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow … will be another fabulous day on House #3 and the Carter Work Project/Habitat for Humanity!