Stability and independence from living in a safe, affordable home

Carlos and Katya knew exactly what they wanted in a home. There would be a backyard where Carlos could teach their daughter how to play soccer. The house would have space for Katya to host family gatherings. Most of all, the home would give the family the stability and independence that comes from living in a safe, affordable home.

“Having my own home is important to me,” Katya said. ‘It would not just be a house but a home for the most important people in my life: my husband and my daughter Abby.’

Their home was sponsored by Spirit AeroSystems and Carlos and Katya built it alongside volunteers from Spirit.

Children who grow up in stable homes do better in school. They are healthier. Carlos and Katya know this and that’s why they worked so hard to become Habitat homeowners. “I know my house can help my daughter have a better future,” Katya says.