Sonya is building a bright future for her family

By Kathy Lefler/Communications and Marketing Manager

Sonya’s building more than a safe, affordable home for her five children. She’s building a bright future.

Sonya, future Habitat home buyer. In the background is the foundation for the home she’s building for her family.

“My oldest is 15 and in high school and it’s time to start looking at colleges,” she said. “Having an affordable home will help us with saving for college.” The home also will provide her four sons and daughter with stability, study space, a backyard and a community. Children who grow up in stable, permanent homes do better in school and are healthier.

Sonya said she’s learned the value of saving and having an emergency fund over the past six months while completing 40 hours of financial literacy courses. Everyone who participates in Wichita Habitat’s homeownership program must complete this before purchasing their home. It helps ensure their success as homeowners.

Sonya’s home is sponsored by INTRUST Bank and the DeVore Family Foundation. When it’s completed she’ll purchase it on a zero percent, 20-year mortgage.

Sonya also will complete 250 hours of sweat equity, building her neighbor’s homes and now her own.

“It’s been a lot of work because I was working, going to school part-time, and then COVID hit and the kids were home and I was homeschooling them.”

But, through focus and dedication, she’s made it work. “I’m pretty organized and know what my kids need,” she said.

“I love being a mother,” Sonya said and it’s why she’s working so hard to own her own home. “My primary motivation is to have a safe, affordable home for my family.”

Their home’s backyard will be a huge plus for the family. Sonya’s four sons love to play and wrestle. Pretty soon they can just head out the back door of their Habitat home and wrestle and play to their hearts’ content! The family also enjoys gardening so there will be plenty of space to grow vegetables and flowers.  

Sonya is studying nursing at Wichita State University Tech. She works in the medical field right now. “I always wanted to be a nurse. I like to help people It’s my passion. If I can make somebody feel better that’s what I’ll try to do.”

Sonya, left, started building her Wichita Habitat for Humanity home on Aug. 5. Like all future Habitat homeowners, Sonya will build her home alongside volunteers like Heather, at right.