Say “Yes” to opportunities and helping people

By Brian Miller/Wichita Habitat for Humanity Board Member

I serve on the board of directors for Wichita Habitat for Humanity and I also am an assistant coach for League 42.  League 42 serves kids and families that may not have an opportunity or the money to play baseball.  It’s $35 per family no matter how many kids you have.  The league is in its sixth year and I’ve coached for five years. 

I recently had an opportunity to hand the house keys to Soledad, a hard-working mother of 3 kids, when she purchased her Wichita Habitat for Humanity home. As the ceremony wrapped up we all went inside to tour the home, eat cake and celebrate Soledad’s hard work.  While walking through the house I noticed one of the boys on the League 42 team I coach, the 12 – 14 year old Royal’s. 

I walked over and said hello to him. He’s a great kid! He reached out his hand, I shook it and he said, “Well, this is unexpected.” 

I asked if his mom was here and he called her over.  We made some small talk and I asked her if she was in the Habitat program, she shook her head no.  I said, “Well, if you’re interested let me know.”

A week or two later at baseball practice, the son came up to me and said “Mom would really like a house, what does she need to do?”  I spoke with the mom that day and said we need to get you to the next informational meeting so you can learn more and apply. It’s very early but my hope is that they go to an informational meeting, enter the program and become part of the Habitat community. 

I believe that God brought us all together that day.  It began when Ann Fox, Wichita Habitat’s executive director, invited me, as a representative of ProFillment and a donator of product to Restore, to hand the house keys to Soledad.  The League 42 mom and son coming to support their friend Soledad.  Through my experience, I recognized that God puts opportunities in front of you and don’t let them pass you by.  Say “YES” to helping people.  I pray that everyone connected to Habitat for Humanity speaks about this organization in their daily lives. Share your stories, cherish and collect them.  I promise you will have many!