Remote Learning is not Pajama Day – Tips for success from KWCH

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Students learning on a remote or hybrid model have to learn a new lifestyle. It’s different from the structure they’ve had since kindergarten.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School students have hybrid schedules. They’re at school for half the day, alternating morning and afternoon. The other part of the day, they’re attending classes online. Wednesdays are fully remote. The principal at BCCHS, Vanessa Harshberger, says two things improve a student’s remote performance: a consistent schedule and parent involvement.

Harshberger encourages parents to check grades and online learning logs often. She says they should communicate with their student and their students’ teachers.

Although students’ school schedules vary day to day, they can still have some consistency by getting up at the same time each morning and starting schoolwork at the same time. Harshberger says that’s a habit commonly found among the most successful students.

“Put on something besides pajamas and come to wherever they normally do their schoolwork; to a desk, to a kitchen table, whatever that may be. Those were the ones that were able to stay on track,” Harshberger says.

She recognizes that some students will struggle with the new learning model while others will thrive.

Specifically at BCCHS, the library offers a learning lab option for families who cannot leave their kids at home for part of the day. Students complete their remote work either in the morning or afternoon in the school’s library. On Wednesdays when students are all remote, students can make appointments with teachers to come in and work one-on-one.

BCCHS requires students and staff to wear masks. It limited student gatherings and has directional hallways.

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