Required Documents for Application

Copies of all documents are required for the application and we not be returned. WHFH is unable to make copies in the office.

  • Sign both ECOA (Equal Credit Opportunity Act) Notices. Give one to WHFH and save one copy for yourself.
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Residency for applicants (Copy of birth certificate or permanent resident card)
  • Proof of Identification for all household members (Copy of social security card, driver’s license, ID)
  • Copies of your last two (2) Federal Income Tax Returns (front 2 pages only) and W-2 forms
  • Copies of 10 paystubs if paid weekly,  5 of  most recent paycheck stubs if paid biweekly, and 2 paystubs if paid monthly, from every employed household member over 18
  • Current copies of any and all other statements of income that you receive (Social Security, SSI, Disability Child Support, Etc.)
  • Copies of last two (2) monthly bank statements
  • Copies of the last two (2) months utility bills (electricity, gas, water, garbage—only the ones that you pay)
  • If you are divorced, a copy of your divorce decree (front 2 pages only)
    NOTE: Due to Kansas Lending laws, if separated, your spouse still has the right to your property, therefore we require that your spouse is a co-applicant or that you settle your divorce before applying
  • Landlord Statement: Fill in and sign ONLY the section entitled “Permission to Release Information.” Return form with your application and WHFH will contact your landlord.
  • Verification of Employment for each employed household member over 18: ONLY fill in name and address of employer, your name and address, and sign. Return form with your application and WHFH will contact your employer.
  • If you filed bankruptcy, a copy of the discharge papers (front 2 pages only)
  • A personal letter, 1-2 pages, typed or handwritten (if neat), describing your family and how a Habitat for Humanity home will benefit your family.
  • Credit Report Fee - $35.00 (must be exact change, check, card or money order). This is a non-refundable fee that covers the cost of running your credit report.