Wichita Habitat for Humanity partners with people in Sedgwick County who are interested in improving their lives through homeownership. Our homeownership program offers qualified homebuyers free hands-on training to be a successful homeowner, the opportunity for a 20-30 year affordable mortgage, and continued support including home maintenance advice and financial guidance after purchasing your home.

We are not accepting new applications for our homeownership program at this time. Please check back in the Spring.

Questions about our homeownership program? Contact staff by emailing [email protected]

Program Qualifications:

  1. Need for housing: Crowded, substandard, or cost-burdensome living conditions.
  2. Ability to pay: Steady income to be able to pay the 0% interest mortgage and living expenses. Household income must be between 35-80% of the median income for Sedgwick County.
  3. Willingness to partner: Complete 250-400 hours of sweat equity hours, volunteering on construction site and attending homebuyer education classes.

Homeownership leads to stability and success.

Children do better in school, finally having a neighborhood they can call their own. Families are able to start saving money and purchase a reliable car.  That's been Cherity's experience: “Having this house has changed everything,” Cherity says. The family moved constantly before purchasing their Habitat home. “My kids never had a home. They never had a street where they could play with their friends. They have that now.”

“This home is teaching my children how to become good men,” Cherity says. “You can’t do that unless you have a basic foundation and Habitat gave us that.”

Sedgwick County Median
Income Requirements

Household SizeGross Annual Income
1$20,790 - $47,520
2$23,765 - $54,320
3$26,740 - $61,120
4$29,680 - $67,840
5$32,060 - $73,280
6$34,440- $78,720
7$36,820 - $84,160
8$39,200 - $89,600

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Our Homes

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We build quality, energy efficient homes in eye-catching styles that vary among our different neighborhoods, but they’re all built with the same high standards of excellence.

Wichita Habitat for Humanity is proud that we have been building Energy Star certified homes since 2007. These homes are 20-30% more efficient than standard homes, which significantly reduces our homeowners’ electric bills. Monthly utilities for gas and electric bills combined in a Habitat home average $150.

The certification requires the following:

  • Effective Insulation Systems
  • Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting and Appliances
  • High-Performance Windows
  • Tight Construction and Ducts

The size of the home depends upon the number of people in the household. Our two, three, four and five bedrooms are comfortable and affordable to meet the needs of your family,