We’ll make learning about budgeting and saving FUN for kids ages 12-16 at “Pennies and Pizza.”

The FREE interactive and informative event will be held Saturday, Oct. 15, from noon to 2 p.m. at our offices, 130 E. Murdock St.

Registration is required and there is limited space so don’t wait. Please register by emailing Katharine at [email protected]

Participants will learn the importance of keeping a budget and how to save. This is the age when kids start getting an allowance and have their first job and experience what it feels like to earn money. Teaching kids the value of money when they are young will help them become financially stable later on in life.

The course will be taught by Monica Young, a financial partner/budget coach with Wichita Habitat for Humanity. Monica partners with our future homebuyers, helping them prepare to be successful homeowners after they purchase their homes. She is really excited about offering this class to kids!

Students who are taught to manage their finances early on, grow up as adults who are better equipped to live independently, make good financial decisions, learn about debt and can completely avoid it, understand and plan rent, bills, food, transportation, and other expenses as well as maintain proper savings and plan for future investments.