Mom works hard to make dream of homeownership come true!

It is no coincidence that Leticia became a Habitat homeowner. That’s because she had a dream of owning a safe. affordable home and worked hard to make it come true. “My long-term goal is to own a home that my children and I can enjoy,” she wrote in her letter of application to our program. A year ago, Leticia and her children rented a small house that needed major repairs. Her oldest daughter loves to read but because the house was so tiny and crowded she couldn’t find a quiet place to enjoy a book. There was also little room for the younger children to play. When she learned about Wichita Habitat for Humanity she knew it would provide her with the opportunity to own a home. Once Leticia was accepted into the program, she quickly went to work earning her sweat equity hours, working alongside volunteers to build her neighbors’ homes and then her own. She also attended 40 hours of classes in financial literacy and home maintenance. She did all this while working full time and caring for her children. When Leticia received the keys to her home she told us it was worth every minute of the hard work to know that her children will grow up in a home with space to study and a yard where they can play!