Meet some of the ‘Spring Break’ volunteers who make our possible!

Christine Moser, Wichita Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteers who served with us during Spring Break are amazing! Let me tell you about them, starting with the United Way Youth Days of Caring groups who have been so much help.  We had a group of kids from Bishop Carroll High School who stuck it out every day! The first day it poured rain. The second day the wind was uprooting trees, reported to be hurricane force and still they stayed to help! The youth group from Central Community Church knocked it out of the park and finished our Green Street project. They were all so upbeat and fun, a great group of folks.  A group from Walser Automotive missed out on sales to serve with us and paint interior walls at a home on Estelle Street on Friday. A group from Accuweather volunteered on Saturday and had the fortune to work alongside Leti, who is the home’s future owner.  Our Core Volunteer group was out in force, as well, teaching the new folks how to set siding or paint trim. Despite the hard weather during Spring Break, people toughed it out, even when given the freedom to leave.  Everyone has been in such high spirits, and so willing to give up free time to help us as we endeavor to build homes, communities and hope.   I’m so incredibly lucky to work with volunteers every day. They inspire me with their gifts of time and service!

This high-spirited group of volunteers from area high schools and colleges served with through the United Way of the Plains Youth Days of Caring.

The Youth Group from Central Community Church finished up work on a house on Green Street.

The team from Accuweather worked alongside future homebuyer Leticia, second from left. 

The team from Walser Automotive painted the interior of the home funded during the Raise the Roof event in the Fall. Walser also is one of the sponsors of the event and will host the event at its campus Sept. 21.