Many ways to serve on our build site

By Dana Korkki/Wichita Habitat General Contractor

This past week has witnessed many people demonstrating acts of service that go beyond the scope of the work we had scheduled for the day. One example of serving beyond one’s self happened when a young boy, about eight or nine years old, wheeled up to the job site on a pieced together bicycle with a flat tire and asked for some help. Without batting an eye, a volunteer overheard this boy’s plight and did everything humanly possible to fix the tire but could not because the tube was blown. The boy came back later in the day and brought some more parts and asked again, We were fortunate to have several bicyclists volunteering with us on this day and they also approached the tasks with the same passion and grace.  As we were pulling the trailers away for the day, the young boy had the largest smile on his face and could be seen riding up and down the street.

It was extremely nice to see that the desire to help extend beyond the experiences of what was planned for the day. And, in fact, it can persuade each volunteer to personally witness how the time they spend on a specific day can turn into a lifetime of service.