Local Wichita Habitat volunteer joins Carters to help families build homes

Lorrie Beck, a Wichita Habitat for Humanity volunteer and former board member, is in Indiana right now, participating in the Carter Work Project. She writes: “David Letterman, at right in the white shirt, is a huge Habitat for Humanity fan. After sharing some of his work projects (New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and Houston), he introduced President Carter and Mrs. Carter to the stage stating they were an inspiration to him and many of the volunteers in the arena. He was – not surprisingly – very funny, yet touching in his tribute to the Carters and Habitat for Humanity.”

Here’s a Wichita Eagle article about how Letterman’s involvement with Habitat for Humanity was inspired by the Carters.

Long-time Carter Work Project volunteer LeRoy Troyer was also honored tonight. He’s from Mishawaka, where the houses will be built this week. He’s been the House Leader for President & Mrs. Carter on 32 of their 35 builds.”


Today, President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter have donned their hardhats and lifted their hammers for their 35th work project with Habitat for Humanity. Building alongside volunteers and future homeowners, the Carters are helping to build 22 new, affordable homes this week in what will become an all-Habitat neighborhood in Mishawaka. With additional construction projects throughout the year, a total of 41 homes will be built, renovated or repaired in Mishawaka and South Bend as part of the 2018 Carter Work Project.