Ways to Build Dr. King’s “Beloved Community”

Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We believe everyone deserves a decent life and the opportunity for a better future. To work toward that vision, we build and repair homes and advocate for policies that create such opportunities.

Through our work we build bridges between people of diverse backgrounds and paths to more connected communities and create ways for all people to come together and share in the creation of a new world.

That new world allows access, equality and opportunity for all. That new world represents what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “The Beloved Community. As we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy, will YOU join us in building “The Beloved Community”? Here are some ways:

Volunteer with us

  • Come by yourself. Invite a friend, your coworkers or your family to volunteer.
  • Volunteer as a Budget Coach and help a family as they work to become a Habitat homeowner.
  • Join our Clean Team and get a home ready for a homebuyer.
  • Volunteer at ReStore

Learn more and Register to serve.


Many families go without healthcare, nutritious food and other necessities because they have little money left after paying high rent and utility bills. Learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s advocacy campaign, Cost of Home.

Do you believe everyone deserves a decent place to live? Like Dr. King, do you believe in a Beloved Community of justice, equal opportunity and love of others?

  • Help us build that community and join our advocacy efforts here in your community. It is often as straightforward as sending a letter to an elected official. Send an email Kathy Lefler at [email protected] to get involved.

Read and Learn

  • Share The Color of Law with your friends and talk about what you learned.
  • Learn about Redlining’s history and impact here in Wichita with this interactive map.
  • Choose Evicted as the next read for your Book Club.
  • Learn about our Rock the Block neighborhood. Grove to Hillside and 9th to 13th streets.