Katharine brings skill, passion and bright smile to Wichita Habitat

Katharine, left, and Henok at his Dec. 9 home dedication ceremony.

Katharine Franco is often the first person someone meets when they want to learn about our homeownership program. Katharine is our homeowner services manager and she leads information classes, connects future homebuyers with budget coaches, and advises and supports people as they complete our program requirements. She also has the brightest smile, the kindest heart and a very positive attitude. Plus, she’s very humble! So it was meaningful when Henok, pictured above with Katharine, took time to offer heartfelt thanks to Katharine at his Home Dedication on Dec. 9. “I say thank you very much,” Henok told Katharine during the ceremony. Henok is grateful for the skill and passion Katharine pours into her work. “She does everything to perfection. She teaches you in a way that makes it easy to understand. She teaches each person in a different way. She is just a wonderful person.”

We appreciate Katharine, too! Thank you, Katharine, for all you do for everyone!