Home is this family’s biggest blessing!

By Brenda, Wichita Habitat for Humanity homeowner

We moved into our home about three years ago. We have been blessed to have our home. My oldest daughter is going to graduate high school in May and my youngest daughter is doing well in school. There have been fewer illnesses with my children due to the lack of mold in our new house. We had mold at our old location. We finally have peace of mind since stability has been established. My children feel safe enough to walk alone to their friends’ house. Stores are within a close distance. The biggest blessing we have is our home – it is ours!

Brenda helped build her Wichita Habitat home alongside volunteers. Here she is on the first day of construction.

Life is so much better now in many ways:

I sleep more peacefully at night because I’m not worried if we will freeze to death at night. For the first time I have been able to purchase a reliable vehicle. My children have excelled in learning different tools on how to fix things yourself without having to call someone. My children have blossomed into beautiful responsible people. They are more willing to help out more with various things. We love our neighborhood. Our self-esteem has come far. We have more respect for our home and the cost to keep up with what it takes to keep our home beautiful.

‘We learned not to give up’

When we started our journey home we were going through lots in our personal lives and we learned to not give up and keep pushing forward. And now here we are three years later still pushing forward and not stopping as we excel and keep our dreams open for success.