Heading Home program helps couple make the journey to homeownership

Martin and Arianna are on the road to becoming Wichita Habitat homeowners after completing our specialized program that prepared them financially to make this big journey. “We were just accepted (into the homeownership program) after completing Heading Home,” Arianna said. “Our credit is cleared up and we have no debt!”

Martin and Arianna have partnered with Wichita Habitat to build and purchase a home for their family.

People who may not be financially ready to buy a home or don’t qualify when they apply to buy a home through Wichita Habitat for Humanity often participate in our Heading Home program. It offers one-on-one support to take them through the steps of preparing to buy a house.

“It was very helpful!” Arianna said.

The couple is now earning their required sweat equity hours. Before they purchase their affordable Habitat home on a no-interest loan they will complete 400 hours of sweat equity – first building their neighbors’ homes and then their own. They also will complete an additional 40 hours of financial literacy classes and learn about home maintenance. The process takes 12-18 months and fully prepares them to be successful homeowners.

“Our ultimate goal is to build a home for our kids,” Arianna said. Congratulations, Martin and Arianna for setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. It has been a joy for Wichita Habitat staff to work with the couple. “They are such hard workers,” said Katharine Franco, Homeowner Services manager. ” I am so proud of them!”

“They’re such a neat family and have worked so darn hard to get here,” said Natasha Calvert, Homeowner Selection coordinator.

Martin and Arianna said people should not be hesitant to apply to our homeownership because of credit issues. If you’d like to know more, please go to https://wichitahabitat.org/programs/own-a-home/ or contact us at (316) 269-0755 and let us know you want to learn the skills necessary to be a homeowner. Just like Martin and Ariana, you’ll be glad you did!

Martin and Arianna are earning their sweat equity hours.