From a panel build to a mural! It was a wonderful week at Riverfest with volunteers, Brickmob and our community!

We love the mural created with Brickmob on the framed walls of a future Wichita Habitat house that will be purchased by Isaac and Any. There also was a super fun mural just for kids in the Kids’ Corner!

Teams from LTC, HealthCore, Rhoden Roofing, Sunflower Health Plan, and WSU Tech framed the walls on Sunday at Riverfest with our staff and Core Volunteers. Cushman Wakefield was our Riverfest sponsor.

Besides the mural, people could learn about our work, walk through the framed house and write good wishes to Isaac and Any.

Thank you, Wichita, for supporting a hardworking family on their journey to homeownership!

Muralists Chris and Nicky from Brickmob in front of the finished work of art created by the community during Riverfest 2023.