Family’s Home Sweeter Than Ever 20 Years later

It’s hard to believe William and Berta have lived in their Wichita Habitat for Humanity home for over 20 years. That’s because it looks like new and they’re so excited to talk about it. “This house is the most wonderful thing,” Berta says. “It’s our place that we own … I wouldn’t give it up for a million dollars.”
Before building and purchasing the house in 1998, the couple lived in a rental with their daughter, Mila. Water leaked into the basement. Mold caused respiratory issues for Mila.
When Mila talks about her home life, it’s clear that growing up in a safe, affordable house provides families with the stability they need to build better lives. Mila, who works as a leasing agent for an apartment complex, grew up attending the same school with her friends. She had her own bedroom and pet dogs. “We took a lot of vacations growing up,” she says. “To the oceans, to the mountains. I want to do the same for my son.”
The family understands the value of maintaining their home and it shows. “We’ve always kept up with painting and fixing things when they were broken,” William says.
Wichita Habitat for Humanity donors and volunteers provided the support and incentive the family needed to build a better life. “Once we had the house it gave us the drive to keep going,” William says. Berta adds, “It’s wonderful to build your house with other people.”