Budget Coaches a necessary ingredient of Habitat program

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal that would make your life better, but were unsure how to make it happen? You knew what this goal looked like, but maybe you just needed people who possessed the skills you lacked to walk alongside you and offer guidance.

This is where budget coaches come into play at Wichita Habitat for Humanity. They walk alongside individuals and families in our program as they work toward homeownership.

Why are Budget Coaches necessary?

Many time, individuals and families in our homeownership program understand that having an affordable home will provide them with newfound stability and independence. They know that having this home will help their children succeed in school and be healthier. But because of credit issues, their income and life’s circumstances, they aren’t sure how to become better money managers and save for emergencies or how to manage a mortgage and insurance.  They simply need a hand up!

What do Budget Coaches do?

People who volunteer as budget coaches meet with individuals and families in our program at least once a month, for about an hour each time. Together, they set the schedule.  This one-on-one coaching supplements the 40 hours of financial literacy classes the individuals and families complete. (Classes cover everything from budgeting, credit, loans, to investing and planning for the future.)

Wichita Habitat provides budget coaches with training and the materials they need to serve as a strong and steady resource.

Budget coaches are an important part in the work of Wichita Habitat for Humanity.

What is the impact of a Budget Coach?

We’ll let Jessika answer that: “I want to thank my budget coach for teaching me that I can do this and that all I have to do is buckle down and pay attention to what I’m doing and what I’m spending.”

How do I become a Budget Coach?

We have a meeting on Thursday, March 7, at 6 p.m. at our offices, 130 E. Murdock. To learn more, contact [email protected].  or (316) 269-0755.

Jessika, at left, and Amy, her budget coach right before Jessika received the keys and mortgage coupons to her Wichita Habitat for Humanity home. Jessika credits her success to Amy’s guidance as her budget coach