Bob helps us build houses, one yard at a time

By Kathy Lefler/Communications and Marketing Manager

Next time you complain about cutting the grass, consider Bob Lochner who volunteers to mow our 18 vacant lots.

Oh, and Bob is 82.

“It’s good exercise and a good reason to get up in the morning,” Bob said. “I don’t pay a penny in gym fees.”

If you’re thinking that Bob is a pretty positive person, you’re right. Bob is always ready with a big smile and an interesting conversation. He retired from Boeing when he was 67 and has some thoughts on the concept of retirement. “It’s a fairly recent phenomenon. You never saw Moses retire.”

Most people think “construction” when they consider Habitat volunteer opportunities. But by keeping our stock of vacant lots cleared and compliant Bob makes it possible for us to meet the growing need for affordable housing in our community.

Bob said he and his wife, Bonnie, who often volunteers with him, had served on our build sites doing construction but learned four years ago of our need for volunteers to maintain our lots. He also has cut down trees and removed runaway branches entangled in chain link fencing. This is a big money saver because it salvages the fencing. Bob also is assisted by Vance, who takes care of weed-eating.

Bob said he likes to make his community better. “It says in the Bible we should give back,” he said, but of the mowing, he adds “I really enjoy it.”

Thank you, Bob, Bonnie and Vance for all you share as we work together to build homes, communities and hope!