AmeriCorps is a “Hands-On” learning experience for Ismael

Serving as a construction crew leader through AmeriCorps has been an incredible learning experience for Ismael. Before his year of service began, Ismael said he didn’t know much about building a house, how to use certain tools or how to be a leader.

AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader Ismael

“I have actually learned far more than I imagined I could,” he said. “Being with Habitat has taught me so many things that will be immensely helpful in my future, and for that, I will be forever grateful.”

Since coming on staff in the fall, Ismael has learned how to install siding, windows and how to be a better painter, to list just a few of his new skills.

Ismael said the best part of his job is learning something new every day. “My father always tried to teach me things like these, so I am extremely proud and happy to expand on the knowledge he gave to me,” he said.

Ismael is a recent graduate from Wichita State University. When he’s not working alongside future homebuyers and volunteers, Ismael enjoys building model kits and playing games.