A New Future for Amanda and Her Children

Before purchasing her home, Amanda was exhausted from living on a busy street in a house with broken windows and a boarded-up back door. At night, she’d lay awake, afraid she and her three kids wouldn’t be able to escape if there was a fire. “We had only one exit,” she said. “I slept lightly in case something happened.” During the day, she worried her kids would be run over by a car while they played outside.

After completing 250 of sweat equity and attending homebuyer education classes, Amanda helped build her home in our Rock the Block neighborhood. She purchased her home in the fall of 2015 and she now sleeps well, knowing they live in a safe place on a quiet street. The children love the fenced- in yard where they play football and celebrate family birthdays with barbecues. The brothers and their sister no longer share a bedroom and have space to do their homework.

Their affordable home gave the family the opportunity to grow closer – they now have a dining room where they can sit down for dinner and talk about their day.