A coat of paint paves the way for a white coat

By Kathy Lefler/Communications and Marketing Manager

There’s no better way to prepare for a lifetime of service than to volunteer with Wichita Habitat for Humanity!

Eight first-year University of Kansas School of Medicine students put a coat of paint on a home in the Rock the Block neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. “They’re preparing for a lifetime of service in the community,” said Darcy Gray, Digital Communications Coordinator in the Office of Public Affairs. Darcy said volunteering in the community is part of orientation week for the first-year med students. The only year they had to pause was last year due to pandemic restrictions. The energetic group volunteering with Wichita Habitat was one of four serving in the community.

28 KU Med Students are volunteering this week

Other students volunteered at United Methodist Open Door, Salvation Army and Medical Loan Closet. This year’s class numbers 28 students. The time they spent volunteering with us is a great help as we work this year to build alongside 20 families in need of affordable housing.

Payton Markley

A stable home provides a “foothold”

Payton Markley said she was excited to be serving with us in person and outdoors. As a future doctor, Payton understands the role a safe, stable home plays in a person’s health. When children have to move from house to house constantly and change schools it’s detrimental to their health. “A stable home gives them a foothold,” Payton said.

Arman Hadjian

Arman Hadjian also was happy to be volunteering and plans to serve with us again. Like Payton, he agreed that a stable home plays an important role in a person’s health, noting that when he volunteered at a clinic it was important to learn about a person’s home situation when they are being treated.

Volunteers make our work possible!

Volunteers make our affordable housing work possible and it was great to have the students volunteer with us!