Roofing starts at ground level

Lorrie Beck’s latest dispatch from the Carter Work Project in Indiana: “I’m exhausted after a full day of hammering in the heat and humidity, but what a great first day! After breakfast, President Carter began the day with a devotion. We’ve learned the first day is the best day to attend, especially if you want to hear President Carter’s words of wisdom. Our family, Deborah and Geoffrey, worked alongside all of us on house #21. We were divided into three groups: roof, walls, and siding the garage. Oh, please, not siding 🙂 Yipee, my friend Kathy and I went off to build the roof – ON THE GROUND! This is a practice we saw at last year’s Carter build in Canada and one they’re repeating this year. Brilliant idea – if you stumble you may only fall two inches onto the ground. That means scrapes and bruises versus broken bones and hospitalization. By day’s end, we finished sheeting the roof and it’s ready for paper and shingles. The cranes (mechanical – not birds!) arrive next to lift the roofs atop the houses.

Lorrie and her team constructed the roof on the ground. A crane will lift it into place on the house next.

This will soon be home to Geoffrey and Deb!